Good Dudes Painting services Salt Lake City and the Greater Wasatch Front. We handle any project, no project is too big or too small! Everything from drywall repair to finish paint and even cabinetry painting as well!

Salt Lake City and the Greater Wasatch Front

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Salt Lake City, Ut

Greater Wasatch Front

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The Process

The Estimate

Every project begins with a FREE ESTIMATE!

The estimate is one of the most important parts of the process. Here is where we will discuss all the fine details of your project…what you want painted, the sheen of each painted area, your timeframe, and most importantly color! We do a complete walk through of our process and give you an estimate of the time the project will take. After our meeting we will email you a copy of your estimate which will include the price and all the details we discussed!

The Preparation

We protect your most valuable asset…your home!

Next comes the preparation…getting your home ready to paint! The first thing we do is make sure your floors are covered. Next we remove all items left on walls including pictures/art, light switch and outlet covers, and anything else we don’t want to get paint on. Then we fill and repair all holes – minor repairs are included in our services. After that we will cover or remove any remaining items left such as light fixtures, windows, doorways, etc.


It’s Showtime!

Now the fun begins! Typically and depending on your project we start with your trim and doors – we prefer to spray our trim and doors as it provides the best finish. Next we’ll move to your ceiling and walls, most often these will be done with a brush and roller but can also be sprayed depending on your project and your preference.

The Clean Up

Getting your home back to…well, your home!

After all painting is complete and a walkthrough is complete we will start to get your home back to normal. Once we’ve removed all the floor coverings and waste from the home we will sweep, vacuum, and mop your home to return it to its previous glory. At this point we will have a final inspection and an invoice will be delivered for the reception of payment!